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ShadesbyGAL (GAL) was created by Grace Ann Long, a woman of color who built her company from the ground up, with no backing, or cosmetic background. This company was built on “Passion and Determination” alone. She was determined to see this through, with a goal of making women feel great about themselves. The company was incorporated on March 22, 2012 in the State of New York. What separates Grace Ann’s line from many of the lines out today is that it caters to the “every” woman, of all colors, pigmentations and ethnicities. 

The ShadesbyGAL Line is formulated with a yellow base, as opposed to a pink or red based, like many of the cosmetic giants today. This line caters African American woman needing a solid match and lessens the need to utilize multiple foundations to achieve the appropriate color match. The company is a wholesaler of cosmetic items such as lipstick, foundation, eye shadow, blush, liquid foundation, lip gloss, papaya cleanser, toner, enzyme night cream, brightening cream, brush on bow, and jell eyeliner. The company sells to small retailers located globally. Bringing beauty and empowerment to every ethnicity is the mission of Shades By Gal. By promoting individuality and self-esteem in all women, the Shades By Gal cosmetic collections feature foundations, powders, concealers, color palettes for the eyes, cheeks and lips to complement women of every shade, everywhere. To not just look beautiful but to feel beautiful inside and out, ready to conquer the world confidently and flawlessly. Shades By Gal cosmetics is eye catching, bold, rich and can create the perfect look for any mood or occasion effortlessly. A Shades Gal can lavishly enjoy high-quality, custom made products infused with antioxidants and vitamins that are specifically targeted to enhance and nourish true beauty for any budget.

Grace Anne Long is a 32-year-old mother and entrepreneur. She completed her undergraduate work at Hofstra University and is presently pursuing her Master ’s Degree. With her passion for style, beauty, and make-up, she is committed to bring the latest trends to her customers. Grace Ann’s personal mission is to bring beauty and empowerment to every ethnicity while enhancing self-esteem and individual appearance in all women through her product line. Shades by Grace Ann Long’s mission is to bridge the race and face gap by bringing beauty and empowerment to every ethnicity. Shades by Grace Ann Long seeks to enhance individual appearance and self-esteem in all women through products and colors that will complement women everywhere with beauty in every shade. Shades by Grace Ann Long strives to empower women everywhere to look and feel beautiful inside and out, while providing thousands of your women with an opportunity to live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of by becoming businesswomen. Designed for all women, skin tones and skin shades and reminds them that their past does not determine their future with unique packaging and a variety of shades. It is an eye catching, bold, rich, and easy to apply cosmetic line in which every woman on any budget can enjoy high-quality, custom-made products infused with antioxidants and vitamins, which enhance true beauty and nourish the skin. Shades by Grace Ann Long is a collection of foundations, powders and concealers of color to the eyes, cheeks, and lips, which allows women to easily create the look they want for an occasion or mood. Luxury brand Cosmetics for less.


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